Hosted GeoHealthCheck

96000 per year
  • dedicated GHC instance
  • multiple users
  • unlimited healthchecks
  • email notification
  • webhook notification
  • secure (HTTPS)
  • public or private access
  • support forum
  • Request Subscription!
  • Local Taxes (VAT) may be added.

Additional Offerings

You may need some help to get get started with configuring healthchecks and understanding GHC in general. In addition you may have requirements for custom healthchecks. For this we have the following offerings. Pricing is ex VAT (Dutch: BTW).

1. GHC Tutorial/Workshop

Using a hands-on approach you and your collegues follow a 4-hour instruction class to get started using GHC: mainly how to configure and maintain healthchecks. This class can be held at your premises.

Cost: 64000

2. We configure your healthchecks

You give us your list of OWS URL endpoints, and we configure all detailed healthchecks on them.

Cost: 46000

3. Custom healthcheck development

GHC healthchecks are based on a Plugin system. In theory any HTTP API can be handled. We can develop additional Plugins for custom healthchecks. We will need to make an estimate (hours) first based on your requirements.

Cost: 10500 per hour

4. GHC at your premises

Your geospatial webservices run on an "intranet", i.e. without external public access. We can help you deploy GHC within your own infrastructure. Offering will be based on estimated effort.

Cost: 10500 per hour